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can make milion childrean smile

Faywalk Education Trust is sperading its hands to help the kids, what they deserve. it is playing a connection line between donors and the kids.

This is not only a school going kids but also for teenagers for their higher studies. Many students can't cotinue their graduation becuase of money issue. there are merit students who can't get into excellent colleges. if the donors come up to support college going teenagers, they will give back a beeter world..

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Faywalk foundation is mainly for education purpose
It focuses mainly on poor, handicapped,mentally challenged and rural area kids. This trust runs not only for education but also for their sports development and all kinds of upcoming talents. So people can help the kids by granting the amount. There is no specific amount to donate.

Sponsor the kids

Every donor will get the record like which kid got benefited by the donor.

what they have done with amount and all the details, that the donot wishes to know. So it is a genuine and accurate place ti help the kids in need. .
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Join hands to serve the better education to the poor and creating a brighter tomoorrow.